The Art Of Seeing

I always ask myself who taught me how to take a photo? Who actually gave me the skills, the mindset and vision to frame, move, shoot, edit and form the style I have today? Well right now I would define that as many people, things and factors, from school to YouTube, Uni to the many magazines I collect and flick through. 

A great place to start is to pick up any camera, film or digital and go out for a few hours. You can do this alone or with friends, have no plan of what you want to achieve...this is supposed to be fun :) Btw this is a small bit of advice, not a pro giving guidelines onto making it or getting social media famous. I am no master or professional, but I feel I can enjoy some level of confidence with my camera. Whether to capture what was in mind as street photography or an internal event of some kind.

I would love to delve deeper into what street photography is, still life and the definition of a portrait in a later piece. My advice for anyone right now is to not think so much, enjoy yourself and learn your camera / device so that nothing comes between you and the subject ahead of you.

Here are a collection of images selected over the years that incorporate swift framing, run and gun style shooting and free thinking. I'm only 25 so I'll have a long time ahead of me until I really get to grips with the landscape and language of street photography. Now get out there and explore, document what you see and love, because if you don't...well no one else will.

Photos Below - Fuji XT1 - 35mm f1.4 and 18mm f2 lenses*