Why not?


Why get into photography?

So you have an extra reason to go out and explore, try freelance work, make a name for yourself or just have fun shooting and sharing? Simply when it comes to any creative outlet, just answer with 'Why not'... It's something I've learnt over the years when justifying the creative industry to friends who don't 'get it' and those close to me who saw no value in time or financial value. You can do what you want and you should express yourself accordingly, capturing any view, event and memory that you deem treasurable. 

Why do I take photos? 

Well a number of reasons to be honest, first it came from a love of illustration and fine art at a young age, then dipping my toes into still life and portraiture when I was 15. I wished I had started or tried manual film photography at some point. Definitely something to try in 2018 along with printing my photos as gifts or for display.

Why should you make personal projects?

Sitting on ideas and todo lists are great and all, but thats all they'll ever be. I look back at notes and business ideas, zine names, project themes from my easy days at uni and it amazes me. Never loose your creativity and always keep the passion you had when starting or studying your craft. Personal development is key to understanding your ambitions and having a clear vision of your skills in the present.

Why your camera doesn't matter?

It doesn't. The specs simply won't matter. You could use an iPhone 6s or a cheap second hand dslr (Ex. Canon 100d) The frame and style of photo will be the same. You won't automatically start taking professional level images, breathtaking portraits or the perfect landscape. You get those skills over time. Your composition skills, your style and will mature through development and practice. So keep at it, keep going and look at inspiration to help storyboard what you hope to achieve. Invest in time not gear, trust me.

As someone famous once said -  JUST DO IT!!! ;) 

The streets of Luxembourg, Fuji XT1 & 18mm lens