About Supply Journal

Supply journal is a culmination of ideas, thoughts, collective talents,friends, dreams and moments. I devised the idea of a place to document my life, group discussions and opinions all in one place.

I have always wanted a blog, something separate from my portfolio site (www.lukeandline.com) and tiled feeds like that of Instagram / VSCO / Google Keep. To see all kinds of things, links and Images head to the Journal Index Page here.

I would describe myself as a content creative, photographer, writer, musician and lover all all things beautiful, minimal and with design in mind. See my IG profile @lluukkeecc to see how chaotic these skills barely blend together.

Again I hope you enjoy this online publication, zine, blog, channel, website...whatever you want to call it. So join me on an incredible visual journal, contact me if you would like to collaborate on an idea, publish and contribute some work (Photos or words) and look out for the most unique content coming soon.

I love collage, illustration and making music. I am obsessed with visuals, all moving image and research. The world inspires me. I started Supply Journal as a way to share, connect and reach other like-minded creatives. 

I Always Quote, Credit And Link Owners Of Anything I Post + Share.

However if there is an issue, mistake or error please message me by email. If you would not like your work celebrated and shared, I will remove it.

Thanks for coming to Supply Journal.

Luke :)